Safe Ground - Using drama to educate prisoners and young people at risk in the community


Great Minds Symposium: "It confirmed for me that bringing people together and giving them the space to confront the big issues and think and say the often unthinkable and unsayable is a powerful catalyst for social change."

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"This course just opens your eyes to what’s really important. It helps you understand how to be a better father. It helps you to see how being in prison really affects your whole family and how everyone suffers."

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"A big, big change. He came out different – oh yeah! The family comes first now. Before it was always himself..... I wonder if it’s the same man I married!"

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“Fathers Inside has the biggest and genuine impact on prisoners. It gets them to reflect and start to have some insight on what it means to be a dad.” - Andrew Bailey, Head of Learning and Skills, HMP Whitemoor.

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Safe Ground works to promote relationship skills
as tools for empowering people to change,
so reducing the risk of reoffending and building
stronger communities.

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The Impact of our Family Man Programme

Our new interactive Annual Report 2013-14
is out now and available here.

It charts the successes achieved and challenges addressed in a perilous economic and funding landscape over the last year. Get to know more about Safe Ground, our programmes and policy work through the viewpoints of our programme graduates, volunteers, staff and trustees.

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