Safe Ground - Using drama to educate prisoners and young people at risk in the community


“Safe Ground has an outstanding and independently-verified track record of reaching the angry young men who both commit crime and are victims of crime..."

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Safe Ground wins The Longford Prize 2017!

Our Symposium was dedicated to all those who have died in prison and the organisations and individuals that work to keep people alive

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Safe Ground works to promote relationship skills
as tools for empowering people to change,
so reducing the risk of reoffending and building
stronger communities.

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The Impact of our Family Man Programme

Our new interactive Annual Report 2017-18
is out now and available here.

See how the organisation has navigated uncertainty in the funding landscape through innovative partnership working and new programme development. Get to know more about Safe Ground, our programmes and policy work through the viewpoints of our programme graduates, volunteers, staff and trustees.

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Tre Maison Dasan and the Unexposed Consequences of Parental Incarceration 

   Denali Tiller’s Tre Maison Dasan reimagines the archetypal documentary model, by relinquishing the power of direction to its subjects, 13 year old Tre, 11 year old Maison, and six year old Dasan. After all, these three young boys consistently prove that age is just a number, thus it would seem unjust to present it in any other way. The film exposes the crushing statistic that 1 in 14 children in the US have current or previous experience of a parent […]

By Keisha Bhamra - 2019.02.26 in Blog

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