Safe Ground - Using drama to educate prisoners and young people at risk in the community


Who We Are & What We Do

Safe Ground challenges people and communities to do relationships differently.

Through drama, dialogue, and debate, we enhance empathy and encourage expression, developing self-awareness and promoting social justice.

Safe Ground is a small team with national reach and influence.

We are absolutely committed to:

  • Reducing the stigma faced by the families of people in prison
  • Improving access to and diversity of educational activities in prisons
  • Creating alternatives to traditional punishment and exclusion, proven to be so ineffective

We work in partnership and collaboration with a broad range of organisations and are constantly evolving.


“Give a Book has worked with Safe Ground since 2014 on their Fathers Inside and Father Figures programmes.


Safe Ground programmes tap into imagination, group spirit, and personal strength; participants learn to listen, trust and– perhaps for the first time– take pride. Using the power of drama family relationships are strengthened, participants experience empathy while learning to communicate honestly and ethically. Powerful presentations to family, staff and outside agencies show lives turned around, connections made, family relationships improved and even jobs found.”


Victoria Grey

Executive Director

Give a Book


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