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Keisha Bhamra

The Price of Punishment

29 Oct 2019

On 8th October 2019 we hosted an event at The Roundhouse titled ‘The Price of Punishment’. It was an evening full of immersive performances and thought-provoking discussion about how we interpret punishment. The purpose of this event was to explore what punishment means to us in society and what the physical, emotional and psychological effect […] … more »

CJA Members Meeting: Complaints

13 Sep 2019

The CJA Members meeting, held at the Foundry, highlighted the issues that persist regarding scrutiny and accountability in the criminal justice system and reassured the audience with the steps that are being made to pave a way forward in this realm. Sue McAllister, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) and Jo Farrar, Chief Executive of […] … more »

Tre Maison Dasan and the Unexposed Consequences of Parental Incarceration 

26 Feb 2019

   Denali Tiller’s Tre Maison Dasan reimagines the archetypal documentary model, by relinquishing the power of direction to its subjects, 13 year old Tre, 11 year old Maison, and six year old Dasan. After all, these three young boys consistently prove that age is just a number, thus it would seem unjust to present it in any other way. The film exposes the crushing statistic that 1 in 14 children in the US have current or previous experience of a parent […] … more »

‘Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle’ CJA Members Meeting – 6th November 2018

21 Nov 2018

The CJA Members meeting, hosted in Church House, Westminster was divided into two halves. The first was an energetic speech by Karyn McCluskey, Chief Executive of Community Justice Scotland. The second was an informative talk from two Unlocked Graduates currently working in London prisons. Karyn McCluskey, the first speaker, leads the Community Justice Scotland team […] … more »

A Matter of Life and Death: What now?

06 Nov 2018

At Safe Ground, we believe our collective work across the social justice sector is that serious. We believe our support, care, therapeutic input, challenge, principles, ethics, relationships of trust and creative approaches to intractable problems, actually do make the difference between life and death for very many people. We also believe that our collective work […] … more »

A Matter of Life and Death

16 Oct 2018

On 27th September 2018 we hosted A Matter of Life and Death in the intimate Sackler Space at the Roundhouse. We invited over 120 guests to join us for an afternoon full of debate, discussion, emotion and performances. The afternoon started off with a performance from spoken word artist Lady Unchained, who set the tone […] … more »

‘I will quit if I haven’t succeeded in 12 months’ HMP Birmingham, Rory Stewart and the prison crisis

04 Sep 2018

The Ministry of Justice recently seized control of HMP Birmingham from G4S after a surprise inspection found that those inside ‘used drink, drugs and violence with impunity and corridors were littered with cockroaches, blood and vomit.’ (The Guardian). These are shocking findings but unfortunately there have been countless reports stating the horrific conditions of many […] … more »

The need for Women’s Support and Our Own Stories

07 Aug 2018

A recent article in The Guardian states that we need to offer women support instead of prison, a viewpoint that Safe Ground is very much on board with. The article entitled ‘Police ‘need to offer female offenders support not prison’’ is based on a London assembly report that stated women’s crimes are often linked to […] … more »

Production of Les Miserables at HMP High Down

08 May 2018

‘LAGS MISERABLES’ hollered the front page of The Sun two weeks ago.  ‘CONVICTS at a drug-plagued prison performed a lavish version of musical Les Miserables for the public — to boost lags’ morale.’ As someone convinced of the transformative potential of the Arts; and of the absolute necessity of artistic provision in our prisons, this […] … more »

“Be the father you never had no matter what”

03 Apr 2018

Family to a man should mean love care safety and respect. To some it means nothing at all. In life you start off being born into a family usually with a mother and father with you as you go through your youth. Maybe your father worked hard for your family, maybe he didn’t. Maybe your […] … more »

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