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“Be the father you never had no matter what”

03 Apr 2018 by Keisha Bhamra

Family to a man should mean love care safety and respect. To some it means nothing at all. In life you start off being born into a family usually with a mother and father with you as you go through your youth. Maybe your father worked hard for your family, maybe he didn’t. Maybe your […] … more »

“I believe that words have power”

06 Mar 2018 by Keisha Bhamra

Family Man and Fathers Inside are Safe Ground’s flagship family relationship programmes for men in prison, which have been delivered in over 50 establishments across England and Wales since 2003. Safe Ground alumni member Jason took the Family Man programme during his time in prison.  It was great to have the opportunity to speak to […] … more »

Chaos and crisis: can prison be better than this?

05 Feb 2018 by Keisha Bhamra

On January 17th, the University of Warwick Criminal Justice Centre, in partnership with Safe Ground and The Howard League for Penal Reform, hosted a workshop titled ‘Chaos and Crisis: Can Prison Be Better Than This?’ The workshop aimed to discuss problems inside prisons and debate viable ways forward from a range of experts in the […] … more »

Man Up at HMP/YOI Isis

05 Feb 2018 by Keisha Bhamra

One of the great things about Safe Ground programmes is the end of programme presentation. The recent Man Up presentation at HMP/YOI Isis in January was delivered with humour and honesty.  The opening speaker remarked that this was not “academy award stuff.” The insights gained were nonetheless riveting. Participants were eloquently talkative, very quiet and somewhere in between. This […] … more »

The Impact of Arts in Criminal Justice

14 Dec 2017 by Keisha Bhamra

Safe Ground’s Fathers Inside and Family Man programmes have been completed by over 5000 students since 2003. I was delighted to be able to speak to one of our alumni, Richard, about how the arts and arts-based methodologies have helped him. Richard shared that Safe Ground was his first proper experience of the arts, apart […] … more »

Thebes Land

07 Dec 2017 by Keisha Bhamra

Sergio Blanco’s Thebes Land cleverly utilises the ‘play within a play’ format popularised by Luigi Pirandello’s ‘Six Characters in Search of an Author’. The play tells the story of two men, Martin who is in prison serving a life sentence for killing his father, and Trevor a playwright who is interviewing Martin to write a […] … more »

What’s Next for Arts in Criminal Justice?

07 Dec 2017 by Keisha Bhamra

On 4th December the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance held their annual conference at The National Theatre, with a focus on: ‘What’s next for arts in criminal justice?’ The conference provided an opportunity for individuals in the field to come together and explore the importance of arts in criminal justice. John Glen MP, Minister for […] … more »

The Criminal Justice System (and Stranger Things)

09 Nov 2017 by Keisha Bhamra

I attended the premier of Injustice, a film by London South Bank University Criminology Society and Unsound Robin. I thought about how this film explains our Criminal Justice System (CJS) and how to educate the public about what prison is really like. Recently I finished watching the gripping “Stranger Things” and I’ve decided to explain […] … more »

Safe Ground in the Farmer Review

05 Oct 2017 by Keisha Bhamra

Written by Programmes Manager Lindsay: On 5 September, we attended the launch of the Farmer Review at the Centre for Social Justice in Central London. The review, published in August this year and hailed as landmark by government, names strong family ties as central to the prevention of reoffending, and the reduction of intergenerational crime. […] … more »

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