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Justice Data Lab’s Fifth Birthday

25 Jun 2018

James Noble, Impact Management Lead in Measurement and Evaluation for New Philanthropy Capital, has written a piece marking five years of the Justice Data Lab. Through the Justice Data Lab, data on re-offending rates for service users can be compared to a statistically matched control group, to evidence the impact of the organisation. Noble highlighted […] … more »

Partnership with CALM!

10 May 2018

We are delighted to announce our partnership with CALM – The Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM are an award-winning charity dedicated to preventing male suicide. We hope that this partnership will challenge and diversify conversations around masculinity to create a culture that enables men to seek support when they need it. Read the article that looks at how to support men in prison. To […] … more »

The impact of a brief structured intervention on young offenders masculine identity: A mixed methods study – Journal of Criminal Psychology

02 May 2018

Safe Ground’s Man Up programme has been evaluated by Dr Nicholas Blagden and Christian Perrin (2017) in a mixed-method study. This aimed to explore young offenders’ perceptions of the programme and whether the programme contributed to any personal change or development, and what core learning they took from the course. This paper has been published in […] … more »

Become a member of the Prisoner Learning Alliance

07 Mar 2018

The Prisoner Learning Alliance (PLA) is a large group of interested parties all working together to inform, improve and challenge education policy for prisons and people in them. Safe Ground is an original member of the PLA. The Alliance has recently undergone a complete review of all its processes and have recruited an external Chair, […] … more »

Family Relationships in Prison

16 Jan 2018

HMP Parc in Wales are in the process of expanding their scheme whereby inmates can keep track of their children’s progress in school, helping the maintenance of family relationships. Following this news, The Guardian asked their readers about their experiences of having family members in prison. In a recent article, these readers discuss how they […] … more »

Safe Ground win the 2017 Longford Prize

12 Dec 2017

Arts education charity ‘Safe Ground’ is awarded The Longford Prize “humanity, courage, persistence and originality”. Safe Ground is a small team with a national reach, working in secure training centres, young offenders institutions, social emotional and mental health schools, and high security and open prisons. Executive Director Charlie Weinberg says the prize “is a tribute […] … more »

Fatherhood Behind Bars

21 Jun 2017

We recently spoke to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) about Safe Ground’s programmes, Family Man and Fathers Inside, and the impact they can have on prisoners, families and facilitators. We also gave a facilitator’s insight into how families interact and support one another, and why family programmes are so important to the rehabilitation of prisoners. Read the full […] … more »

Fathers Inside participants are 40% less likely to re-offend

25 Jan 2017

Safe Ground is delighted to receive our latest Justice Data Lab report, for the first time including Fathers Inside for analysis. Safe Ground were the first organisation to offer data to the Justice Data Lab, which is a big risk for organisations, particularly of our size. This report clearly demonstrates the significant impact of Fathers […] … more »

CJA awards

28 Nov 2016

The Criminal Justice Alliance 2016 awards were held to celebrate a ‘marked contribution to effectiveness, fairness or new models of delivery’ within the criminal justice system. The big winners of the night were Storybook Dads, a charity that offers children the chance to hear their parents read stories to them from prison. Runners-up were SAFE! a […] … more »

Prison Safety and Reform

28 Nov 2016

We attended the recent speech by Elizabeth Truss detailing the plan for prisons to ensure better safety and reduce re-offending. Topics included putting governors at the centre of all services, increasing staffing levels and creating new prisons. In the report there is evidence there will be new changes, however there isn’t certainty when they will […] … more »

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