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Reflective Group

In March 2020 as the UK went into a national lockdown, Safe Ground had to reconfigure many of our usual practices. With new technology and socially distanced experiences in mind, we began to design and deliver services for a new online world. Two weeks later, we held our first Reflective Group, a space open to everyone, designed to encourage and support collective reflection for personal and professional development. From England to Mexico, Ireland to the United States, group members came together to think about their emotional responses, thoughts, ideas and concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The group drew to a close in December and returned as Great Minds for an eight-week run in April. Participants expressed an interest in connecting with new people; having new and different conversations, and accessing a thinking space that was not available to them elsewhere.

The reflective group is not therapy- but it is based on some therapeutic ideas of the power of the group, the shared ‘matrix’ of experience and emotions between us and the importance of thinking and being together.

The group has no particular rules; and is boundaried by time, awareness of each other’s presence, a facilitator and a clear set of sign up and registration instructions for security.

We invite anyone interested in sharing their thoughts and feelings, or simply who might want to find a way to be with other people free from judgement, expectation or censorship for a short while, to join us.

The group has remained free of charge (although we may start to charge in the future); and we really hope it is useful to a wide range of people that have family members in prison, that practice art and social care work, that are studying, volunteering, working, caring, struggling, developing or looking for opportunities to connect.

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