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Family Man Community Programme

fmic-topFamily Man Community Programme (FMCP) is an intensive group-work programme. It was adapted from the prison-based Family Man programme, and developed in partnership with the Hampshire Probation Trust.

The programme works with men on probation using family relationships as a vehicle for developing skills essential to education, training and employment. It also challenges attitudes and thinking and contributing to desistance from crime.

Students and their families engage in an extended package of family support, which includes 14 group sessions delivered over seven weeks.

A part-time family relationships programme for men in the community, accompanied by a tailored family support package
Programme length:
Seven weeks, with an accompanying period of wrap around family support (usually 10-12 weeks)
Who the programme is for:
Groups of 8-10 men aged 18 years or above
Where is the programme delivered:
Trials so far have taken place in a Probation context, with crossover with Troubled Families Units
Staff required:
One full-time lead tutor/family support worker and one part-time co-facilitator.
Techniques used:
The programme uses role play, group discussions, games and optional written portfolio work
Qualifications offered:
Mapped according to requirements.
Delivery options:
  • Safe Ground provide training, resources and all relevant support and quality assurance for relevant statutory and VCS staff to deliver Family Man Community Programme in your area.
  • Safe Ground provide experienced staff to deliver the programme in your area
Aims of programme:
  • Develop and maintain family relationships
  • Support ETE progression
  • Coordinate targeted support services and agencies
  • Contribute to desistance process
  • Improve basic literacy
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Challenge attitudes and thinking
  • Enhance group work and communication skills
  • Realistic goal-setting
  • Improve relationships with probation
  • Consolidate positive identity and increased awareness of support services available, alongside increases in confidence, communication and  presentation skills and in feeling part of a community.

Delivery sites

FMCP has been trialled four times in Southampton, supported by Hampshire Probation Trust and Troubled Families funding.  If you are interested in participating in the next round of trials please contact us at or phone 0207 091 9004


Preliminary findings from the second phase of trials demonstrate increased awareness of support services available, alongside increases in confidence, communication and  presentation skills and in feeling part of a community.

The programme featured as an example of promising practice in the Centre for Social Justice’s 2014 report on community sentencing.


What do our students say about
Family Man in the Community?

“I think it was brilliant. It helped me stay focussed on looking forward and I am working now. Everyone should do it.”
Paul, FMCP Graduate, 2013

“Standing up and speaking out about things to the group was very challenging for me but when I was up there (for the final presentation) I felt confident in myself.”
Andy, FMCP Graduate, 2013

“I learned how to properly connect with my children, using positive communication skills and body language and listening more. I also get a sense of pride in not
reacting negatively to things that wind me up, which I would have done before”
Mark, FMCP Graduate, 2013

“The Family Action Plan helped me focus on setting realistic goals – like improving my reading and writing”
Marc, FMCP Graduate, 2013


If you would like to know more about running this programme in the community, contact us on or phone: 020 7820 8090

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