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Fathers Inside Presentation at HMP Parc

A Piece by Placement Student Paige:

I recently attended my first presentation of Fathers Inside since joining Safe Ground, at HMP Parc. Fathers Inside focuses on parental responsibilities, children’s education, development and wellbeing with men in prison, through an intensive group-work programme which uses drama and arts. At the end of the programme the participants present a collection of the work they have created surrounding the focus areas, to their families, staff members, and external visitors.

Before the presentation had even begun the staff at HMP Parc were extremely welcoming and friendly, showing passion for their jobs. Seeing the children enter the family unit, with such excitement to see their fathers was incredibly touching. The presentation which took place by the participants at HMP Parc was both eye-opening and engaging. It was great to see the impact and results of the programme first-hand, showing how men used the drama techniques to produce creative pieces. It was particularly heart-warming to hear the poems the men wrote for the children and the happiness they all evoked for being reunited as a family. You could see that the role of the father was particularly important to these men. The effort the men put in to produce drama pieces with such humour and creativity showed that they had come a long way.

Following on from the presentation, the opportunity to speak to the men about their experiences of the programme helped me to understand first-hand how participants engage with the course, and to appreciate their particular involvement. Many of the men were willing to detail how they found the course, and noted that they were glad they took part.


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