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Man Up at HMP/YOI Isis

One of the great things about Safe Ground programmes is the end of programme presentation. The recent Man Up presentation at HMP/YOI Isis in January was delivered with humour and honesty.  The opening speaker remarked that this was not “academy award stuff.” The insights gained were nonetheless riveting.

Participants were eloquently talkative, very quiet and somewhere in between. This allowed those of us watching the presentation to see the impact of the training on a range of different personalities. One of the surprising reflections from the group was the consensus that you do not become a man until aged 29 and that from late teens to 28 you were a young man. One participant offered, that “as much fun as it is being a boy, at some time you have got to grow up.” One of the remarkable things was that some participants had come to realise that the things they had done previously, under the guise of helping their families were just selfish acts on their behalf. A statement that in itself showed that these young men had done much growing up during the process of the Man Up training.

You can read more about our Man Up programme here, and see our delivery sites to date.


Written by Hugh Stultz


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