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The Thing Is…

The Thing Is… is a group work programme which offers men the space for discussion and analysis of challenges faced by being in prison using drama and group reflection.

Each time the programme is run the participants decide on a theme which is based on something they as a group feel needs attention within the prison. These tend to be themes based around family, relationships, personal safety, mental health, relationships with staff and accessing services.

A three-day programme for men to address issues within their prison
Programme length:
Three consecutive days
Who the programme is for:
Groups of up to 15 men
Where is the programme delivered:
In Category A, B, C and resettlement prisons
Staff required:
Two full-time tutors
The programme uses group discussion and reflection as well as drama and role-play
Delivery options:
  • Safe Ground provide training, resources and all relevant support and quality assurance for your staff to deliver The Thing Is…
  • Safe Ground provide experienced staff to deliver the programme in your establishment
Aims of programme:
  • Raised awareness of men’s responsibilities towards others
  • Increased capacity for dealing with difficult situations
  • A renewed willingness and ability among men to support programmes, interventions and services that contribute to a personal and cultural change
  • Enhanced progression and engagement routes for men in prison
  • Increase in help seeking by participants
  • Improved relationships inside the establishment between men and between men and staff


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