Safe Ground - Using drama to educate prisoners and young people at risk in the community


Direct delivery

Safe Ground productions, projects and artistic adventures aim to challenge people and communities to relate differently. By using many different modes of artistic expression we inspire dialogue, debate and reflection in prisoners, policy makers, ex-prisoners, our audiences and the general public. We enhance empathy, expression and help in developing self-awareness across the prison estate and the mainstream to create greater access to influencing social policy and diversifying perspectives on social justice.

Projects in prisons

These projects are open to any interested institutions, large education providers or any prison department including education or health and welfare that will work for six weeks to help deliver one of our creative writing, filmmaking, audio recording or digital design projects. Prisoners and prison professionals are expected to demonstrate the attitude and commitment of professional artists. The process will culminate in one or a combination of the following: presentations, performances, recitations, film screenings, audio/radio broadcasts and digital displays to fellow prisoners and an invited audience including families and friends. For further information please contact,

Professional productions

Our productions evolve in part from our engagement with the criminal justice sector but in the main from stories, ideas, cultural moments and events that emerge from society. Our aim is always to educate and inform, directly and indirectly exploring current themes around social justice and to challenge audience perceptions about prisons, prisoners, community, citizenship, democracy and society. Safe Ground presents works in traditional and non-traditional venues including prisons, PRUs, YOTs and YOIs. For further information please contact,

Bespoke Projects

Safe Ground delivers a range of bespoke projects and workshops for men and young people at risk of offending; and artistic adventures for communities and groups. These are delivered by a professional practitioner supported by facilitators trained in the Safe Ground methodology. With the artistic experience at the heart of the projects they include drama, dialogue and debate as well as performance, creative writing and response projects to main productions; whilst exploring a range of themes relating to young people, crime, community, citizenship and democracy. The company also delivers one-off workshops investigating specific issues which can be offending related. Feedback on these projects from the participants is overwhelming positive. For further information please contact,


Safe Ground also offers consulting services. Experience includes: using drama techniques to motivate resistant learners, effective communication and marketing in a prison setting, realising projects involving offenders, producing films, theatre and arts projects in prisons and teacher training. For further information please contact,

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