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GROUNDation Poetry Project

GROUNDation Poetry Project (GPP) is inspired by the success of our first ever spoken word affair – ‘GROUNDation I: Poetry for the People’ that took place in 2013. GPP includes a poetry workshop series, led by renowned poets such as John Hegley, Joelle Taylor and Ty, running both in HMP Wandsworth’s library and various locations in the local Wandsworth community.

Participants will be those both new to poetry and writers of sonnets alike. The workshops will help to enhance creative writing skills, literacy, public speaking and performance skills. Finding a way with words will help to build self-confidence and communication skills. By throwing themselves into active learning and with a little bit of dialogue, debate and expression through writing participants will develop a greater understanding and better relationships with themselves, each other, poetry and their communities.

On Wednesday 4th March 2015 GROUNDation II: Poetry, Power, People will bring together people on the outside with those on the inside in a creative exchange of the work they have crafted in the workshops, where they will share the work with each other and an audience of family members, prison staff and invited guests from the general public. Assumptions and perceptions will be challenged, new ways of communicating will be established and most importantly poetry, expression and change will be celebrated.

GPP will also be producing a limited edition handcrafted book of poetry, featuring the work of participants from the project with a special guest editor, due to be published summer 2015. A further two workshops, again inside and outside of the prison, bringing practical paper crafting skills, alongside design, production and business skills, will see groups of poetry workshops participants coming together to physically make 200 books. This publication will not only extend the life of the project but also make the voices of men in prison and Wandsworth local communities accessible to a wider audience.

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