Safe Ground - Using drama to educate prisoners and young people at risk in the community


Programmes In Development

Officers’ Mess

Officers’ Mess is a drama and discussion based training which has been developed for Prison Officers.

The course explores the impact of officers’ role on their own lives and the system within which they work. It creates a space in which participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own personal and collective coping strategies, while encouraging a critical analysis of individual and group contributions to the regime.

Great Minds

Great Minds will bridge the gap between people, social justice and social policy.

Great Minds will improve relationships between groups in conflict and contribute to better social policy by creating effective dialogues between all parties.

It differs from existing mediation strategies by placing an emphasis on the impact of roles and identities on people’s own lives, rather than their relationship to or with the particular ‘issue’ at hand.

Safe Ground facilitation will support groups to reach new understandings, find new ways of listening and talking to each other and to generate policy recommendations out of their own lived experiences.

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