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Projects and Partnerships

Ormiston Who Am I?

Who Am I? was developed by Ormiston Families’ Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) Service in partnership with Safe Ground, for work with probation service users in the community and in custody. Safe Ground have been involved in the training of our family support workers to facilitate the programmes and will play an ongoing role in quality assurance of the programme.

Main objectives

  • To explore attitudes and values
  • To develop self-awareness
  • To reflect upon family / social networks
  • To recognise how behaviour can affect the lives of close family and friends

Who Am I? is an arts based, group work intervention, using creative exercises to support service users to try new things, speak up, take risks and perform. Referral to the programme usually made within the broader context of referral for ‘family support intervention’. In addition, the participants are likely to present needs in relation to: relationships, contact with children, or parenting.

The programme is carefully structured and clearly focused around individual, personal and inter-personal skills development, enabling and encouraging participants to increase their awareness of their own behaviours, attitudes and values. The number of participants ranges from four to twelve, taking place over five, two hour sessions, which can be completed over several weeks or intensively over consecutive days. This is sandwiched between two one-to-one family support worker sessions: initial assessment and goals planning session.


Brinsford YOI – Pilot Parenting Project

Safe Ground was funded by NOMS to undertake a ground-breaking Pilot Parenting Programme aimed at Young Fathers at Brinsford YOI. Sallyann Ploughman from Staffordshire County Council worked with Safe Ground to develop the programme with the support of Brinsford YOI.

The project worked directly with young fathers on a structured one-to-one basis an intensive two week group programme. At the same time facilitators worked simultaneously with the young fathers families in the community and upon their release back into the community. The project worked with local authorities to meet local agendas as part of the BRFC initiative.

The aim of the project:

  • Build strong family links and foundations
  • Promote stability for young fathers
  • Increase resiliency and self-motivation
  • Build a network of multi-agency support for offenders and their families
  • Aid prospects
  • Reduce re-offending and prevent generational offending

Looked After Children

In January 2016, Executive Director of Safe Ground, Charlotte Weinberg, facilitated a five-day programme for young men in HMP Brinsford as a part of the Pilot Parenting Project. The group members all had experience of having been looked after in care, with some of the group being fathers. The group worked together to produce a presentation titled ‘Ambitions of Life’, which used drama techniques to discuss the paths their lives had taken, and the emotions they felt. Charlotte will be delivering a workshop on this programme at the HMPPS & Catch 22 Conference ‘Working with Key Partners to Improve Outcomes for Care Leavers’ on 16th October 2017.

Sallyann Ploughman continue to carry out complex family work.


One Plus One: Virtual Campus

Safe Ground was commissioned by One Plus One to develop a parenting module for the Virtual Campus (VC), a secure online learning tool used in prisons across the country.

The project was a part of a NOMS-funded grant to pilot the inclusion of relationships and parenting education on the VC.

Safe Ground was approached by One Plus One to work on the project due to our track record of designing high quality relationships education for men in prison.

The project was undertaken by Safe Ground freelancer Ali Jones-Moran, who identified key content and learning from Fathers Inside and created bespoke activities suitable for the VC medium.

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