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Safe Ground On The Run 2014: The Bobble Hat Run – Cancelled

We are absolutely thrilled and delighted that so many of you have been generous and energetic enough to sign up and start training for the run. The unforeseen weather however, it seems has been too wild and for even bright orange bobbles to withstand and although we have a team of dedicated and beautiful runners, it is with regret and disappointment that we are having to announce the cancellation of The Bobble Hat Run for this year. I am sure you are as disappointed as us and be assured we greatly appreciate your training and sponsorship efforts so far- so, rather than let all that energy go to waste, we’d obviously love to encourage you to continue to run on behalf of Safe Ground by taking part in a local Park Run, who organise free weekly 5k runs all around the country. You can still fundraise  for us or donate through Giving Back.

Our Fundraising and Communications Director, Obinna Nwosu, is still committed and is going to run four 10k races over three weeks getting successively faster each time, all beating the 56m 55s it took him to complete his first ever 10k run last year. You can encourage people to sponsor him here.

For information see our press release here.

Once again it is with the deepest regret that we cancel the run this year, but we really hope that you will remain engaged with us.

The Safe Ground Team

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