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Promoting Social Justice

A big part of our commitment and remit as a national organisation is to promote social justice wherever and whenever possible.

We have a significant reputation for contributing at a strategic level to a variety of policy items; including developing the Family Support Worker model as part of the pilot phase of Family Man.

We worked in consultation with other organisations to bring this model to life, and are very proud to see it taking on a national role and be recognised as an efficient way of connecting families, people in prison, and appropriate services.

Safe Ground and Social Justice

Currently, Safe Ground holds a Board or Steering Group position on a number of national bodies, representing our constituents’ issues, suggesting alternatives and solutions to institutional and political problems, and working with local and national government to achieve better life chances, quality of services and impact for social change.

Works for Freedom was a site run by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies until a couple of years ago. Safe Ground were regular contributors to the site, which curated high quality articles, opinion pieces and analysis from practitioners and academics. In memoriam of the Works for Freedom site, Safe Ground is archiving our contributions to the site here:

Myths and Criminal Justice 

Justice is a way of moving, not a moment in court

The Fear Factor 

Prison vs Macdonalds


Who decides how things are related?


Commissioning – it’s about getting the structure and framework for a service

Great Minds

Great Minds marked the eponymous launch of a new programme that proposes to engage people, who often find themselves in conflict, in a process of dialogue that priorities diversity and promotes social cohesion through empathy and increased understanding. By finding new ways of listening and talking to each other the aim is to generate better and relevant policy recommendations out of people’s real life experiences.


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