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Promoting Social Justice

A big part of our commitment and remit as a national organisation is to promote social justice wherever and whenever possible.

We have developed a significant reputation for contributing at strategic level to a variety of policy items; principally having developed the Family Support Worker model as part of the pilot phase of Family Man. We worked in consultation with other organisations to bring this model to life and are very proud to see it having taken on a national role and be recognised as an efficient way of connecting families, people in prison and appropriate services.

Safe Ground and Social Justice

Currently, Safe Ground holds a Board or Steering Group position on the following national bodies, representing our constituents’ issues, suggesting alternatives and solutions to institutional and political problems, and working with local and national government to achieve better life chances, quality of services and impact for social change:

Safe Ground addressing the House Of Lords 2013

Safe Ground addressing the House Of Lords 2013

The Prisoner Learning Alliance

Responsible for producing Smart Rehabilitation, launched at the House of Lords in December 2013

The Criminal Justice Alliance

Campaign and policy influence work towards a fairer, more efficient criminal justice system

The Voluntary Sector Reference Group

Action for Prisoners’ Families provide the secretariat for this group which feeds directly to NOMS, MoJ and DfE on relevant issues, including TR. We were involved in the development of minimum specifications for visitors’ centres in prisons in 2010 and regularly have conversations with Ministers on important issues.


The Information Hub on Offenders’ families with children for Professionals.

Beyond Male Role Models

A research project with the Open University and Children England, looking at the importance of relationships between workers and young people and the impact of gender and gender roles on professional standards

Your Family, Your Voice

Formally known as ‘Struggling Families Alliance’, this is an exciting pilot. We are part of the development process, working to achieve fair and accessible services for families with Social Services involvement, especially where children are being removed or looked after.

Cultural Commissioning

The Cultural Commissioning programme works to help the arts and cultural sector engage in public sector commissioning and to enable public service commissioners to increase their awareness of the potential for arts and cultural organisations to deliver their outcomes. This 3 year programme, funded by Arts Council England, is being delivered through a partnership between NCVO (lead partner) ,  NEF and NPC .

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