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Safe Ground works in a variety of ways and in diverse settings using the arts to communicate, challenge and create. There are many opportunities to see our work, participate or help us promote what we do.

A Matter of Life and Death

Thursday 27th September 1pm-5pm

This event will raise questions about how we use prison, the purpose of punishment, its impact and the ways in which the idea of ‘exile’ and exclusion do and do not effect positive change.

We have invited a range of perspectives, ideas and experiences and we want as wide an audience as possible so that we can engage in a true debate, discover new ideas and make meaning out of all the known, unknown and unimagined information we have regarding prison, criminal justice, exclusion, exile and punishment.

The afternoon will include performances and panel discussions asking how we got here and where do we go from here? With special guests from Zahid Mubarek Trust, Inquest, CALM, HMPPS and many more.

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