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The Night Alphabet

The project:

The Night Alphabet is a project run by the leading spoken word artist and performance coach Joelle Taylor in partnership with Safe Ground. Joelle searched for a new voice to mentor in their writing and leading a creative writing workshop.

How it’s happening:

Joelle Taylor chose Lady Unchained, a poet, promoter, workshop facilitator, founder of Unchained Poetry. Lady Unchained has lived experience with the criminal justice system. Her journey with Joelle begins with observing facilitate masterclasses, and receiving constructive criticism to further develop her work. Lady Unchained will attend creative writing mentoring meetings and will be introduced to a network of artists and producers across the UK scene.

What it’s producing:

With Joelle’s mentoring, Lady Unchained will be continuing to produce more groundbreaking and emotive work as well as performing and leading workshops. She will publish work online, as well as make a short film about one of her own stories.

Find out more about the Night Alphabet here

‘My life ended and began with a prison sentence, those metal doors awoke the faith in me.’ – Lady Unchained

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