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In this, the month of our 25th birthday, we are sharing our most recent audio-visual project, Daddy. This work has been made in collaboration with Gaia Visual and of course, with Jon, Jason and Michael.


This work is published today in honour and reference to all the dads currently in prison and to all the children and families currently unable to visit or have regular contact with them. For the last 25 years we have been working to challenge and change many of the issues faced by families, communities and individuals affected by prison; and we continue to do so. The three portraits of life below really demonstrate Safe Ground’s values, although that was not the purpose of the project.

Jon’s story shares his experience and thoughts about family.

Jason’s story shares his experience and thoughts about the arts.

Michael’s story shares his experience and thoughts about community.

We are so grateful to the people we work with, for the trust we have in each other, the ways we are able to continue to challenge the structural, systemic and political drivers of social inequity and the beautiful art we continue to create. We look forward to 25 years more of family, art and community.

We will be launching this event with mounted portraits and special guests in the near future, however, due to the current situation, we are bringing the exhibition to your living room! There are more images to come so keep an eye on our social media and website…

Jonathan Perugia (Gaia Visual) talks about how he chose each image:



“This is Jon with his dog Carlos the chihuahua. His daughter Pearl is behind him. The petals were left over from a game she was playing. 

When you listen to Jon speak about his life, you can hear how the work he’s done, and is still doing, is helping him to heal those wounds and rebuild his life and relationships.”



“Jason is a poet.  

When he walks through the streets of Stoke, people call greetings and stop him for a chat. When he performs, his energy rises, and his words paint powerful pictures for his audience.”


Michael is a formidable force. 

In his childhood home, Michael points to a picture of him and his smiling siblings, saying ‘even as a small boy, I always felt like an outsider. I was always searching for validation’. Now, after tireless work to repair the damage to his relationships with his children and family, he is a powerful positive role model in his family and beyond.”

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