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What’s Next for Arts in Criminal Justice?

07 Dec 2017 by Keisha Bhamra

On 4th December the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance held their annual conference at The National Theatre, with a focus on: ‘What’s next for arts in criminal justice?’ The conference provided an opportunity for individuals in the field to come together and explore the importance of arts in criminal justice. The Long Island defense attorneys reckons […] … more »

The Criminal Justice System (and Stranger Things)

09 Nov 2017 by Keisha Bhamra

I attended the premier of Injustice, a film by London South Bank University Criminology Society and Unsound Robin. I thought about how this film explains our Criminal Justice System (CJS) and how to educate the public about what prison is really like. Recently I finished watching the gripping “Stranger Things” and I’ve decided to explain […] … more »

Safe Ground in the Farmer Review

05 Oct 2017 by Keisha Bhamra

Written by Programmes Manager Lindsay: On 5 September, we attended the launch of the Farmer Review at the Centre for Social Justice in Central London. The review, published in August this year and hailed as landmark by government, names strong family ties as central to the prevention of reoffending, and the reduction of intergenerational crime. […] … more »

Fathers Inside Presentation at HMP Parc

05 Oct 2017 by Keisha Bhamra

A Piece by Placement Student Paige: I recently attended my first presentation of Fathers Inside since joining Safe Ground, at HMP Parc. Fathers Inside focuses on parental responsibilities, children’s education, development and wellbeing with men in prison, through an intensive group-work programme which uses drama and arts. At the end of the programme the participants […] … more »

Home is Movement

29 Sep 2016 by Isobel Ward

After attending Safe Ground’s MOVING. HOME. Symposium (Thursday 8th September 2016) I was left, as I imagine many others were, with my mind spinning full of thoughts and questions about the nature of this concept we call ‘home’. I was blown away by the breadth and depth of what was discussed, and by the thought […] … more »


26 Sep 2016 by Dan Branigan

Taking up temporary residency at the National Theatre (Dorfman Theatre), Southbank again this year, somewhat ironically it hosted our discussions around MOVING. HOME. The symposium was the last in a trilogy of events spread throughout 2016 that celebrate Safe Ground’s 21st birthday. We used this important milestone in our unfolding history to take a moment […] … more »

Walking Human

26 Sep 2016 by Dan Branigan

On 22nd September I was lucky enough to attend the most recent Koestler Trust exhibition, ‘We Are All Human’. This year I was part of a walking tour around the exhibition, looking at the artwork in more depth, gaining insight into each piece. The tour was hosted by Koestler’s very own Hosts, who enthusiastically gave us a […] … more »

Safe Ground’s 21st Birthday Party!

28 Jul 2016 by Keisha Bhamra

On 19th July, sector colleagues, friends and family of Safe Ground travelled from up and down the country to join us for our official 21st birthday celebrations! With over 50 people turning up throughout the day, our Battersea office was filled with positivity and a lot of (professional) love. The day was kick started by […] … more »

Leading Learning the Irving Way

21 Jul 2016 by Keisha Bhamra

This month Programmes Manager, Rachel Irving, attended the Prisoners’ Education Trust annual lecture on ‘Leading Learning’. To find out about her thoughts and experience please read below. When the opportunity came to hear what Dame Sally Coates had to say about her most recent education review, I couldn’t resist. I wanted to understand how, in practical terms, it was going to work. […] … more »

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