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#SGOnTheRun The Big Day: Cakes

11 Mar 2013

Public transport in London can be like a prairie in the Wild West, intervals so empty, arid and desert-like that only the absence of tumbleweed asserts urbanity. The slightly embittered wind whispered a chilly discontent in my ears as I waited at a disconsolate bus stop for the 319 to take me to Clapham Junction. […] … more »

Music to Train By: Week Seven

04 Mar 2013

Here is the playlist of tunes listened to by me, inspired or submitted by readers of my blog, for week seven of training for Safe Ground On The Run.We need your support on the day, so tell everybody in your network and we’ll see at the start line at 9.30am. Here is Week Seven in […] … more »

#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Seven: Submerge

04 Mar 2013

Internally I have always debunked the liberal fallacy of ‘beauty in the inside’. In public and often times in private I have asserted, sometimes vigorously, the belief that it is those unseen constituent parts that make us. The intangible, the invisible and the deep are pre-eminent. If the Horsemeatgate ‘scandal’ speaks to anything authentic at […] … more »

#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Six: LCD

02 Mar 2013

Training Tip: 40mins Easy At 8.15am I was aroused, nipples saluting a glorious morning. However, it was irritation not eroticism, the cause of this discomfort and dull ache. It seems if one runs long enough that this sort of chaffing, caused by rubbing against one’s shirt, is not uncommon. My pleasure-plain threshold would appear to […] … more »

#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Five: Modus Operandi

01 Mar 2013

Training Tip: 10min Easy, 5min Brisk, 25min Easy He hurtled toward me and time collapsed. Everything was as honey as I multiplied. Flight was the first impulse, but momentum was Juggernaut. Sloe echoes of ‘Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down’ stirred defiance and the instinct to fight was borne. Shoulders squared and hands rounded […] … more »

#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Four: Happy Feelin’s

27 Feb 2013

Training Tip: 5min Easy, 15min Brisk, 20min Easy Roswell conspiracy declaims is a place of uneasy questions and uncomfortable answers. Truth is often an unidentifiable fleeting objective, as ordinarily we make it elusory or allow it to elude us. Even then it is diffuse, ephemeral and so at variance as to be extra-terrestrial. It is […] … more »

Music To Train By: Week Six

24 Feb 2013

Here is the playlist of tunes listened to by me, inspired or submitted by readers of my blog, for week five of training for Safe Ground On The Run.We need volunteers to help us out on the day. Tell your networks, friends, families and work colleagues. Here is Week Five in sound: Music to Train […] … more »

#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Three: Door To Your Heart

24 Feb 2013

Training Tip: 40min Easy Well it was not an easy 40 minutes this morning. A much earlier start time today than I have previously attempted and my lungs struggled to adjust. Something as automatic as breathing my brain had to consciously instruct my body to do. Resistance from a stubborn and icy headwind made for […] … more »

#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Two: Chin High

23 Feb 2013

Training Tip: 10min Easy, 5min Brisk, 25min Easy Captivated by suspended animation and mesmerised by plastic precipitation, I was at one time a basketball enthusiast. Slam dunks that began mid-court or broke backboards put a bounce in my ounces. The highly individualistic nature of this team game (the American version at least) came to perplex […] … more »

#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty One: I Bet You Thought I’d Never Find You

21 Feb 2013

Training Tip: 5min Easy, 20min Brisk, 20min Easy A soupcon of Hard Bossa beat its way into my biorhythms and by the time I carried myself across my threshold this evening my hypothalamus percussively convinced me that “you can run away from me babe, but you can’t run way from love”. This and a mouthful […] … more »

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