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The ClementJames Centre

11 Nov 2021

On Thursday 30th September, Safe Ground was invited to be part of The ClementJames Centre’s ‘In Touch’ wellbeing conference. As part of the 40-minute carousel activities, we delivered the letter writing section of our Human Writes programme. We aimed to emphasise the importance and art of letter writing and how it allows you to connect with both yourself and others, meeting the main themes of the day: communication and ‘creative connections’.    The ClementJames Centre succeeded in creating a […] … more »

My time at Safe Ground as a Volunteer

05 Nov 2021

I joined Safe Ground as a student volunteer in September 2019, in part fulfilment of my BSc Criminology degree. Now, two years and an undergraduate degree later, I’d like to share my experience as a volunteer, what I have enjoyed, contributed, as well as the impact that Safe Ground has left with me.  My role at Safe Ground has been very wide-ranging as I wanted […] … more »

COVID-19 update

26 Mar 2020

The team at Safe Ground are extremely saddened by the circumstances affecting the world and in particular, the ways in which so many people are being exposed to increasingly severe hardships and vulnerabilities as a result of global policies and long standing fiscal, social and commercial practices. Whilst so much of the world as we […] … more »

A Matter of Life and Death: What now?

06 Nov 2018 by Keisha Bhamra

At Safe Ground, we believe our collective work across the social justice sector is that serious. We believe our support, care, therapeutic input, challenge, principles, ethics, relationships of trust and creative approaches to intractable problems, actually do make the difference between life and death for very many people. We also believe that our collective work […] … more »

‘Clink Speak’ Dictionary

22 Aug 2018

Safe Ground participants at HMP Lewes created a ‘Clink Speak’ dictionary, which was designed to help men in the first night centre gain an understanding of the language used within the prison. … more »

Thinking Home – Interdisciplinary Dialogues

21 Aug 2018

Our Executive Director Charlie Weinberg has written a chapter with Obinna Nwosu in the book ‘Thinking Home – Interdisciplinary Dialogues’. The chapter is entitled ‘Domestic Dislocation – When Home is Not So Sweet.’ It explores the meaning of the concept Domestic Dislocation. It notes the difficulties that many people in prison face, and what it […] … more »

Justice Data Lab’s Fifth Birthday

25 Jun 2018

James Noble, Impact Management Lead in Measurement and Evaluation for New Philanthropy Capital, has written a piece marking five years of the Justice Data Lab. Through the Justice Data Lab, data on re-offending rates for service users can be compared to a statistically matched control group, to evidence the impact of the organisation. Noble highlighted […] … more »

Partnership with CALM!

10 May 2018

We are delighted to announce our partnership with CALM – The Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM are an award-winning charity dedicated to preventing male suicide. We hope that this partnership will challenge and diversify conversations around masculinity to create a culture that enables men to seek support when they need it. Read the article that looks at how to support men in prison. To […] … more »

The impact of a brief structured intervention on young offenders masculine identity: A mixed methods study – Journal of Criminal Psychology

02 May 2018

Safe Ground’s Man Up programme has been evaluated by Dr Nicholas Blagden and Christian Perrin (2017) in a mixed-method study. This aimed to explore young offenders’ perceptions of the programme and whether the programme contributed to any personal change or development, and what core learning they took from the course. This paper has been published in […] … more »

Become a member of the Prisoner Learning Alliance

07 Mar 2018

The Prisoner Learning Alliance (PLA) is a large group of interested parties all working together to inform, improve and challenge education policy for prisons and people in them. Safe Ground is an original member of the PLA. The Alliance has recently undergone a complete review of all its processes and have recruited an external Chair, […] … more »

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