Safe Ground - Using drama to educate prisoners and young people at risk in the community


Symposium: A Matter of Life and Death


27 September, 2018

The Roundhouse

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“We’ve been unlocked for showers one by one, an officer’s face reveals something wrong. A prisoner hanged, presumed dead though CPS there is no pulse read. While I was in my dreams and in my bed I snuggled, a mate fighting for breath struggled.

He was an orderly, cleaner on the server, now crime scene tape is baring others entry, I can still see his smiling young face and his fortitude to see him through this place. When we chatted yesterday he seemed ok, we even touched fist throughout the day, happy go lucky, bouncing around landings, him going out like that defies understanding.

Why John? Why?  I just cannot get it. You always seemed stable, mentally fit, What took hope from your smiley face, made you want an easy way out this place. You didn’t have to suffer in silent pain, With a line of mates to listen, to explain…Whatever it was we could have shared. Maybe you never knew how much I cared it goes without saying you will be missed remember the brews we shared and us getting pissed? Now I’ll always look around for your bouncing walk, though I pray your spirits beyond these walls.”



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