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Fathers Inside participants are 40% less likely to re-offend

Safe Ground is delighted to receive our latest Justice Data Lab report, for the first time including Fathers Inside for analysis.

Safe Ground were the first organisation to offer data to the Justice Data Lab, which is a big risk for organisations, particularly of our size. This report clearly demonstrates the significant impact of Fathers Inside – only 24% of men who took the programme re-offended within a year of release, compared to 40% of their counterparts who did not take it.

We have great faith in the methodological integrity of our programmes and are very pleased to continually evaluate and interrogate our work. Alone, we do not believe the Justice Data Lab can offer any more definitive evidence than any other evaluative method. As part of a wide range of broader, incremental, quantitative and qualitative measures, however, we are delighted to add Justice Data Lab analysis to our repertoire.

This report includes men across nine different establishments, including HMP Parc (Family Intervention Unit), a drug rehabilitation wing in HMP Lewes (in partnership with the Crime Reduction Initiative), HMP The Mount, HMP Hewell and Category A prison HMP Whitemoor. Fathers Inside therefore is effective when analysed over a range of settings, with diverse populations.

In our 21st birthday year, to be able to demonstrate how Fathers Inside supports NOMS and education providers to effectively deliver against a range of outcomes, including re-offending, is important. We are delighted to be able to add this convincing official statistic to our evidence base and look forward to Fathers Inside and Family Man continuing to impact men and their families for many years to come.

We are very grateful to all the participants in our programmes, the families and community workers that support our work and the Prison and Education delivery teams who work and train so diligently to ensure these high quality outcomes. This success is theirs.

View the report.

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