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Fathers Inside Presentation at HMP Stocken

The majority of the men who had taken part in the five week Fathers Inside course at HMP Stocken were reunited with their families for the first time in months, maybe even years. The presentation was made up of an array of performances, jokes, games and heart-warming stories and poems, written by the men themselves. The men had fantastic energy about them and you could see the father within them, rather than the man in prison. One of the most touching moments was the acting and reading of the story ‘The Plum Tree’ written by one of the participants. The moral of the story being that parents always give until they have nothing left as does the plum tree. For example, the plum tree plays with the child and provides them with shelter and resources just as parents do. The men played games with their children and payed thanks to the family members who look after their children whist they are inside.

Written by Olivia Penn


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