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Finding a script

Nana Ocran writes about her second day of teaching at HMP Wandsworth as part of the Transitions course



Finding a script

Three stories, one script. Our mission, to bring together all elements of the group’s creative writing skills – character building, plot, image and seamless action – and place them within one central piece. Dragon’s Den-style pitching was the way forward, with three groups providing treatments, synopsis and loglines for imaginary Hollywood producers. Action, intrigue and plot twists ran through each offering, with applause, critique and general appreciation all round for the readings of each storyline. ‘The View’, ‘Get Real’, and a Bond-style ‘Live Good, Don’t Die’ were the titles, with hidden messages tucked into each filmic tale. Soon, a strong central storyline emerged, with the whole group contributing thoughts, plotlines and individual ownership of creative ideas, which led to a five-scene outline that was fresh, new, and ready to be storyboarded. A good end for our upcoming third and final session.


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