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The impact of a brief structured intervention on young offenders masculine identity: A mixed methods study – Journal of Criminal Psychology

Safe Ground’s Man Up programme has been evaluated by Dr Nicholas Blagden and Christian Perrin (2017) in a mixed-method study. This aimed to explore young offenders’ perceptions of the programme and whether the programme contributed to any personal change or development, and what core learning they took from the course. This paper has been published in the Journal of Criminal Psychology, a double blind peer-reviewed journal.

The study used a convergent mixed-methods design to evaluate the programme. The quantitative method found a pre/post course reduction in ‘toughness’ and increases in self-esteem and risk-taking perceptions. Alongside this, the semi-structured interviews found 4 superordinate themes: ‘Reconstruing masculine self’, ‘Self-realisation, awareness and reflection’, ‘Group dynamics and course relationships’ and ‘Unintended consequences’. Under theme 1 ‘Reconstruing masculine self’ participants shared how the Man Up programme assisted in reconceptualising the meaning of being a ‘man’ to them. One participant said “the course helped me to change, it’s actually helped me a lot, made me see things in a different way… think about being a man differently”.

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