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Justice Data Lab’s Fifth Birthday

James Noble, Impact Management Lead in Measurement and Evaluation for New Philanthropy Capital, has written a piece marking five years of the Justice Data Lab. Through the Justice Data Lab, data on re-offending rates for service users can be compared to a statistically matched control group, to evidence the impact of the organisation.

Noble highlighted Safe Ground as one of three organisations whom showed a large and significant positive effect, despite working with people who were more likely to reoffend than average.

“Two projects run by Safe Ground: Fathers Inside (40% to 24%) and Family Man (47% to 39%)”

In a Justice Data Lab analysis of Safe Ground’s parenting programme Fathers Inside, only 24% of the men who took the programme re-offended within a year of release, compared to 40% of their counterparts who did not take it. In a second Justice Data Lab study of six Family Man sites across England and Wales, men who took the programme returned a reoffending rate of 39% compared to a control group rate of 47%.

Safe Ground’s full evidence base can be found here.


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