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“Be the father you never had no matter what”

Family to a man should mean love care safety and respect. To some it means nothing at all.

In life you start off being born into a family usually with a mother and father with you as you go through your youth. Maybe your father worked hard for your family, maybe he didn’t.

Maybe your mother did all the hard work and your father stayed at home with your family, maybe he didn’t.

Maybe your father was there when you spoke your first word, maybe he wasn’t. What about that time you rode a bike for the first time then fell almost immediately, maybe he was there to pick you up and dust you off. Maybe he wasn’t, maybe it was your mother. Maybe it was both of them.

Or how about your first day at primary school? Was your father there to reassure you that everything was going to be just fine and that you had no reason to cry as your mother stood there and wiped your nervous tears. Maybe he wasn’t there and your mother supported you all on her own.

Maybe your father was the one you told about those bullies and soon put a stop to it. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe it was your mother who put a stop to them.

What about those end of year tests? Was your father there when those piles of homework needed to be done for a weeks time? Maybe he wasn’t but your mother was there.

How was it at home? Did your father love, care and respect the whole family or was it your mother doing all the loving caring and respecting?

Was your father there to keep the family safe? Maybe he wasn’t and that it was your mother providing that safety blanket.

Whatever the reasons your father could not be there… Forgive and forget and be the father you never had no matter what.


Written by Man Up participant at HMP/YOI Wetherby


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