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Man Up


man-up-top2A group-work programme designed to support men and young men to explore the ways in which the concept of masculinity contributes to shaping individual identity.

Using active learning techniques, Man Up aims to challenge some of the attitudes and negative outcomes experienced by men as a result of wanting or needing to fulfil stereotypes and expectations.

A six-session programme for men and young men exploring the concepts of masculinity and identity
Programme length:
Six sessions totalling 15 hours, which can be delivered in three days (full time) or part time over an extended period
Who the programme is for:
Groups of 8-16 men or young men
Where is the programme delivered:
In prisons, young offender institutions and a range of community settings, including schools, youth clubs and children’s homes
Staff required:
One or two tutors depending on group size
The programme uses group discussion, games, role play and some written work
Qualifications offered:
Delivery options:
  • Safe Ground provide training, resources and all relevant support and quality assurance for your staff to deliver Man Up
  • Safe Ground provide experienced staff to deliver the programme in your establishment.
Aims of programme:
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Challenge antisocial attitudes and behaviour, including gang issues where appropriate
  • Contribute to desistance process
  • Support ETE progression
  • Enhance group work and communication skills
  • Improve health and wellbeing


Delivery Sites


Man Up has been evaluated in three London prisons by Nottingham Trent University. The evaluation focuses on the programme’s impact on participants’ perceptions of lived experience of masculinities, ability to think critically, attitudes towards social norms around masculinity, motivation to proactively engage in future planning and wellbeing.

In the evaluation during the programme’s development (across seven custodial sites), participants rated the programme highly across a range of areas, and particularly highlighted the programme’s potential to challenge offending behaviour and to enable participants to think differently about their identity as a man.

Man Up graph



What do our students say about Man Up?

“On the whole I think the Man Up course has the potential to be an amazing tool for rehabilitation in the long term and better behaviour and better stress management in the short term.”
Tutor, HMP Belmarsh

“I believe Man Up has been the best course I’ve done. It’s helped me build confidence and let me show my emotions more.”
Student, HMP Wandsworth

“After the first day of the course one prisoner mentioned that his ‘mask has come off’ – describing how on the wing you have to keep a mask on and stay defended, but in this group space, that mask came off and he felt able to be himself”
Tutor, HMP Pentonville

“When the class first started I stereotyped a few in the class as bad people. By the end of the course I realised I was wrong and they turned out to be good friends.”
Student, HMP Frankland

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