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Officers’ Mess

Officers’ Mess is a drama and discussion based training which has been developed for Prison Officers.

The course explores the impact of officers’ role on their own lives and the system within which they work. It creates a space in which participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own personal and collective coping strategies, while encouraging a critical analysis of individual and group contributions to the regime.

An external supervision programme to support Prison Officers in coping with the stresses of the job.
Programme length:
7 days over a year.
Who the programme is for:
Prison Officers.
Where is the programme delivered:
In prisons. The programme is transferable for use with client-facing staff in community settings.
Staff required:
A delivery team of two.
Officers’ Mess uses a trauma informed approach and includes drama, dialogue and debate.
Qualifications offered:
Delivery options:
  • Group work sessions are tailored to the needs of participants and delivered by two specially trained Safe Ground facilitators with cohorts of up to 20 participants.
Aims of programme:
  • Explore the dynamics of the prison system
  • Understand the role of a Prison Officer and its impact on personal and professional lives
  • Reflect upon one’s own emotional response to work


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