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Our Own Stories

Our Own Stories is a creative personal development programme for women.

It offers women the space and structure to reflect on, learn from, and plan for, moments of transition and transformation in their lives.

The programme’s design and inclusive facilitation style combine to ensure women’s meaningful participation, supporting each individual’s progress towards fulfilling their potential.

The programme is three whole days or six sessions for women to develop their potential through a process of personal reflection and group work.
Programme length:
The programme is being delivered intensively in female prisons and part time in community settings
Who the programme is for:
Women or young women in groups between 6-12
Where is the programme delivered:
In prisons, young offender institutions, and a range of community settings including women’s centres
Staff required:
A delivery team of two
The programme uses drama and therapeutic techniques, games and discussion encouraging both group
and personal reflection. Each participant is provided with and encouraged to keep a journal throughout the programme
Delivery Options:
Direct delivery by Safe Ground staff/freelancers Co-delivery with one Safe Ground facilitator and one training individual from the organisation
Co-delivery with one Safe Ground facilitator and one training individual from the organisation
Aims of programme:
Encourage and support a process of personal development
Contribute to desistance process
Improve coping skills
Increase ability to understand and manage emotions
Develop understanding and knowledge of relationships

What do Tutors and Participants say?

“The women were able to gain a far greater insight into each other.  This programme could be linked into PSD programmes that might be running in the prison service. ”

“I never imagined I’d stand up and perform in front of other women. Thank you for showing me I CAN. ”

“The women responded really well to the material, which was a well balanced structure of activity and reflection, and was delivered at a level and pace that was appropriate to the group.  The women felt that their interests and experiences were at the heart of the delivery and have talked positively about the session since. ”


For more information on our delivery packages, please email or tel. 020 7820 8090.

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