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#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Five: Modus Operandi

Training Tip: 10min Easy, 5min Brisk, 25min Easy

He hurtled toward me and time collapsed. Everything was as honey as I multiplied. Flight was the first impulse, but momentum was Juggernaut. Sloe echoes of ‘Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down’ stirred defiance and the instinct to fight was borne. Shoulders squared and hands rounded awaiting the seconds to take shape, I pondered both sides of protest. Satyagraha in the tyranny of the bully; steadfastness as missiles reign. Strength and conviction cross-stitch, and opposites interlace. Eyes let go of laces and took hold of faces. A lucubration led to recognition. The oddity of AM in the P.M. Adam Moll sprinted past me, the now returned and everything quickened. “Easy bro’”, “Alright mate”.

The soundtrack to this point in time, ‘Modus Operandi’, by Photek [Modus Operandi, 1997].

Day Twenty Five - Modus Operandi

The upcoming  playlist will be last Music to Train By as Safe Ground On The Run is next weekend so continue to access it via a link to our Youtube channel – SafeGroundLtd, and contribute to it with your suggestions as well as just commenting on my progress in ‘Comments’ below.


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