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#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Four: Happy Feelin’s

Training Tip: 5min Easy, 15min Brisk, 20min Easy

Roswell conspiracy declaims is a place of uneasy questions and uncomfortable answers. Truth is often an unidentifiable fleeting objective, as ordinarily we make it elusory or allow it to elude us. Even then it is diffuse, ephemeral and so at variance as to be extra-terrestrial. It is alien. Bowie says we should be ‘Loving The Alien’ [Tonight, 1985]. Roswell via Skype restive query was did I enjoy my run this evening. My unquiet answer became a musing on my peculiar relationship with a sense of fun. The truth was that I thought of Dead Prez and their song ‘Way of Life’ [Revolutionary But Gangsta, 2004].

Day Twenty Four - Way Of Life

This is the penultimate playlist as Safe Ground On The Run is next weekend so continue to access it via a link to our Youtube channel – SafeGroundLtd, and contribute to it with your suggestions as well as just commenting on my progress in ‘Comments’ below.


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