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#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Seven: Submerge

Internally I have always debunked the liberal fallacy of ‘beauty in the inside’. In public and often times in private I have asserted, sometimes vigorously, the belief that it is those unseen constituent parts that make us. The intangible, the invisible and the deep are pre-eminent. If the Horsemeatgate ‘scandal’ speaks to anything authentic at all, it reveals a trenchant superficiality. ‘If it looks like a ting, then it must be a ting innit…’ C’mon who really subscribed to “It’s what’s inside that counts” – poppycock! This weekend I relapsed. All that I ate was bad and on the bone, and now I feel rubbish. I also failed to run on Sunday, so now I’m a day behind and literally feel unclean. However there is no balsam with Jojoba extract and the scent of fresh cinnamon for one’s innards. I’m as durrty as the dirty burger I had that was big enough to consume me. So like Shylock in the musical ‘Oliver’ “I’m reviewing the situation”. Eating well undoubtedly has given me a feeling of wellbeing, that was brought into sharp focus on waking this morning. It has also allowed me to progress steadily towards completing a competitive 10k run. In healthy consumption I have made the internal pre-eminent. I was beautiful on the inside! Maybe I’m deep? Maybe there is something to this hippy crockpot…

Day Twenty Seven - Submerge

Here is week seven’s playlist.

Week Eight’s Music to Train By will be last and will be published this Friday as Safe Ground On The Run is this Saturday 9th March so this is last time you can contribute tunes and share your views – tuck in.


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