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#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Six: LCD

Training Tip: 40mins Easy

At 8.15am I was aroused, nipples saluting a glorious morning. However, it was irritation not eroticism, the cause of this discomfort and dull ache. It seems if one runs long enough that this sort of chaffing, caused by rubbing against one’s shirt, is not uncommon. My pleasure-plain threshold would appear to be 10k, which I think I completed unofficially for the first time today. Over the last several weeks I have getting increasing closer to the mark, not imagining that it would in fact leave its mark on me. It has given Blake Edwards film ‘10’ (1979) a whole new level of subtext…in fact, it has in fact, imbued it with some subtext. March morning runs on Saturdays seem suffused with innuendo. As I puffed along Streatham High Street, struggling to maintain correct form, I spied a billboard advertisement that allowed me a double intake of breath. It was for an energy drink whose slogan read: “The Drink’s Pure….It’s Your Mind That’s The Problem”. Though I was grateful for the welcome oxygenation of my corpuscles and likely a year late to the controversy party, my thought when I saw this was “What is going on? How is this permissible?” Clearly inequality rules on the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator).

Day Twenty Six - LCD

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