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#SGOnTheRun Day Twenty Two: Chin High

Training Tip: 10min Easy, 5min Brisk, 25min Easy

Captivated by suspended animation and mesmerised by plastic precipitation, I was at one time a basketball enthusiast. Slam dunks that began mid-court or broke backboards put a bounce in my ounces. The highly individualistic nature of this team game (the American version at least) came to perplex me; love rimshot to death. I received some new old music today, The Dells/ The Dramatics ‘The Dells vs The Dramatics’. My fingertips convinced of excellence, my ears touching on the same certainty late. Art was at the vanguard of the Renaissance, and so it is now as I consider a renascent relationship with the pill. The album cover takes its motif from the game of basketball, with each aggregation ostensibly opposing teams. The harmony here is idyllic – the sweetest full court press. In a volume replete with beauty, it is bookended by two songs of joyful heartache, ‘Love is Missing In Our Lives’ and ‘I Wish It Was Me You Loved’. It’s been a mad moment for cheese and wine in our office this week but perhaps a moment from that moment in the mellifluous space between missing and wishing will allow fortification.

Day Twenty Two - Chin High

I will be compiling a playlist each week in the lead up to Safe Ground On The Run that you will be able to access via a link to our Youtube channel – SafeGroundLtd. You can also contribute to it with your suggestions as well as just commenting on my progress over the next six week in ‘Comments’ below.


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