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Step 1: Sexual Consent Training

In a blog we posted back in January this year we asked the question ‘Is Ched Evans Your Problem’ as part of our regular dialogue with the general public we call Great Minds. Here at Safe Ground we don’t just highlight issues or problems, we provide solutions. One suggestion we made was the following:

“Football clubs should be mandated to provide education to academy and youth players on sexual consent and responsibility, whilst adopting a zero-tolerance attitude to misogyny, racism and homophobia”

So, it was of great interest to read yesterday via BBC News that Brighton and Hove Albion are to give young players sexual consent training. Safe Ground in no way claims to have influenced this course of action by the club, but we do recognise the importance of there being an awareness of the critical nature of this issue in the football industry.

As the issue of sexual consent permeates society and is not restricted to the game of football we hope that current and future governments regard this problem highly enough to encourage this training in educational institutions and businesses too.

sexual consent 2


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