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The Youths

An update from Sally Plumb on how filming ‘The View’ is coming along. This film was written by men at Wandsworth prison taking part in a creative writing course as part of our ‘Transitions’ programme and is now being filmed out in the community.

Day three: The Youths

Yet another early start but this time the weather is great, although Brian the DOP ever the photographic eye would prefer it to be greyer as we would have a better contrast. Today we are filming the scenes where the young people are hanging outside of the house chatting and using their mobile phones. Everybody is in good spirits but a little sad that the filming is coming to an end, friendships have been formed and there is a real sense of community. We manage to shoot the final scenes just as the first drops of rain came down and then the shooting was wrapped to collective cheers, applause and a trip to the pub!



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