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Walking Human

On 22nd September I was lucky enough to attend the most recent Koestler Trust exhibition, ‘We Are All Human’. This year I was part of a walking tour around the exhibition, looking at the artwork in more depth, gaining insight into each piece. The tour was hosted by Koestler’s very own Hosts, who enthusiastically gave us a tour of their favourite or most poignant pieces. I witnessed huge working clocks made of matchsticks, a piece made of carved prison issue soap, a painting that had been painted using ‘blind art’, a room of poetry and much much more. One piece which I think the whole audience was in awe of, was a key and lock made out of matchsticks. The Hosts described how an artist had been set a challenge to create a working padlock and key out of matchsticks, and true enough he created it, using only matchsticks and a spring from a pen!

All in all a fabulous visit, I highly recommend booking onto a tour and making the most out of a room filled with creativity, positivity, inspiration and hope.


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