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I WILL, NO MORE!!! – Poem by Nanette Celine, Safe Ground Alumni Member

Safe Ground has felt very inspired by our Alumni Member Nanette’s wonderful poem. Nanette wrote this empowering poem, explained in her own words:

“People-pleasing can chip away at your identity till you end up losing your ‘self’. This is about refusing to be invisible anymore and exposing the lies. Having the courage and being empowered not to be used and abused anymore. Finding your voice, putting your foot down and asserting yourself to take back control of your ‘self’ and your life.”

Please listen to or read Nanette’s beautiful words below.

I Will, No More, Move Over
Just so you can feel better.
I Will, No More, Forget ME
Just so you can feel good about you.
I Will, No More, Minimise ME
Just so you can amplify you
I will, No More, keep smiling
Just so you can feel everything is ok
I Will, No More, Hide My Bruises
Just so you can keep your reputation
I Will, No More, Say Yes
Just so you can have your way with me!!!

– Nanette Celine


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